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on the 27 of April 2024

An in-person conference free and open to everyone.

Palazzo della Granguardia - Verona

The recording of the speeches will be uploaded on this page within one month of the event. No streaming available.

The school of cultural migration and social emigration

The school as the environment is a space for welcoming cultures capable of creating the conscious citizens of tomorrow, free from prejudice and fear toward “the other.” School as a process and space of growth and acceptance, cultural “immigration,” capable of making its social contribution to society for a desirable future of peace and respect toward the environment. The encounter between cultures and diversity is a value for any civilization since it is nourished by confrontation, sharing and knowledge among people even before their habits. A school, therefore, capable of welcoming everyone, in an eco-system of ever new sensitivities and identities to enhance them with awareness in the principles and values of its present and future “citizens.” Loving the school means loving one’s country and always believing in a better future for all.


Registration of participants. Piano Nobile ( second Floor) conference room, by the students of hotel management school Luigi Carnacina – Bardolino.

250 places available. Headphones and translations Italian-English and vice versa available.

08:30 – 09:00
Piano Nobile – second foor

Moderator: Prof. Donato De Silvestri


Greetings by the Director of Verona provincial educational department VII, Sebastian Amelio.

School and value in the future society


Greetings by the former Technical Director Ministry of education regional administration for Veneto Region – Laura Donà


Greetings by Dott.ssa Pamela Giorgi – Indire


Greetings by Head Master I.C. Bosco Chiesanuova – Alessio Perpolli


Event presentation by the itaian network of schools coordinator: Stefano Cobello


Presentation of the Erasmus+ Project Schools Plastic-Free Movement promoting the multiplier event (www.schoolplasticfreemovement.org) by teacher Agnese Tombesi



Available places 250


No streaming available. The video of the event will be recorded and uploaded on this webpage

09:00 – 10:30
Piano Nobile – second foor

1st Round Table: Children’s rights at school

Moderator: Donato De Silvestri

  • Swati Popat Vats: Pedagogist working for the Ministry of Education India: An active meta-cognitive pedagogy for the school of the world in early childhood
  • Prof. Alberto Oliverio neuro-scientist: Children and digital dangers in growth processes

10:30 – 11:00
Rooms on the second floor

Coffee Break

organized by the students of hotel management school

IPSAR “Luigi Carnacina” di Bardolino

11:00 – 12:35
Piano Nobile – second foor

Continuation the round table: the children rights at school

  • 11.00  – Prof. Cristiano CorsiniRespect for the “person” and assessment methodology in schools

  • 11.40 – Emre Hüseyin YİĞİT – Erasmus+ project: No Barriers to Employment labour inclusion and disability https://nobarriers-project.eu/

  • 12.00 – Lara Tutone Inclusion hub Network, Verona: Autism and its richness in the school Erasmus+ project Art for Autism www.artforautism.eu

  • 12.20 Janusz Korczak – the life of a gret pedagogist – Mirella Carpanese – president of the Voluntary Association “Janusz Korczak” of Vercelli

  • 12.30 Stefano Cobello – presentation of the Neuro-Psycho-Pedagogy Research Centre of Polo Europeo della Conoscenza network dedicated to the Polish pedagogist Janusz Korczak, who died in Treblinka concentration Camp
  • Václav Hotcar Presmelidů e Stefano Cobello – Presentation of the Humanity charity foundation for education in the name of Sofia Rodina Presmelidů

12:35 – 13:00
Piano Nobile – second foor

Second Round Table:

New digital frontiers, Fake news and mind manipulation

CERV project E-engaged https://engaged.altervista.org/

Moderator: Elena Milli

Andrea Ballarin, Accademia Civica Digitale di Milano, and Stefano Cobello, Polo Europeo della Conoscenza network:

Presentation of the European network of bloggers, youtubers, tikinfluenzers against fake news

Award ceremony for the two best works of the course.

13:00 – 14:00
2nd Floor left side rooms


by the students of hotel management school Luigi Carnacina – Bardolino

14:00 – 15:20
2nd Floor left side rooms

Second round table continuation:

14.00 Prof.ssa Anna Ferraris Oliverio – The challenges of the mind. Training teachers and parents to build an education open to the future

15.00 Olivier Turquet – Pressenza NGO www.pressenza.com – International press agency : Information and nonviolence in the digital age

15:20 – 15:50
2nd Floor left side rooms

Third Round table:

School and environmental protection

Schools Plastic- Free Movement Erasmus+ KA3 project www.schoolplasticfreemovement.org

Marian Blanco – Region Castilla y Leon – Spain and Dr Müberra Öztürk Director of EU and Foreign Affairs General Directorate of Turkey

Presentation of the Charter of the Rights of the Environment, created with the contribution of thousands of school children from 30 countries around the world.


School Preserving the Environment

Vandana Shiva – India – The challenge against knowledge destruction to save the world

16:50 – 17:30
Congress Room – Piano Nobile

Dr. Eugenio Girelli former Official DG Media and Culture European Commission Brussels: The Europe of education – Forty years of support for cooperation in all areas of education and training

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School preserving the environment

Bojan Vasilev North Macedonia – Presentation of the most innovative ideas of the concourse Young scientists will save the planet, held by children from 6 European countries for the plastic-free schools movement.

Jury evaluation and award ceremony for participating children’s teams

Closing of the event

The course is valid for teacher training purposes and a certificate of attendance will be issued. The course takes the form of training and, being organised by a subject qualified for refresher courses (Ministerial Decree 08/06/2005), it can be authorised pursuant to articles 64 and 67 of the National Collective Labour Agreement 2006/2009 of the School Sector with exemption from duty and with substitution pursuant to the regulations on short substitutions.

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