This activity was carried out in Nuh Eskiyapan Primary School in June 2022 with active participation of the students under the guidance of Ms. Betül Özdemir.

Name of the ActivityAge of Plastic  
Purpose of this activityTo raise awareness about the use of plastic  
Target group’s age8-10  
Number of students20
  Contribution to knowledge and skills  – Learning about the different types of plastics and their usage throughout the history – Encouraging research –  Developing critical thinking –  Encouraging creativity in problem solving – Developing communication and dialogue skills – Developing responsible consumption attitudes  
Duration40+40 minutes + preparation  
Implementation of the activity      By sharing tasks among students; they sought answers to the following questions. What is plastic? Can we imagine a life without plastic? What is the place of plastic in our life? When did plastic enter our lives for the first time? What are the types of plastic used in daily life? What are the harms of plastic? How can we reduce the use of plastic?   After making preliminary preparations, students developed posters on these topics, and sought answers to the problems related to their own topics in the classroom by means of discussion. They tried to guess the types of plastic that they brought from home. Finally, they discussed and shared materials that could be alternatives to plastic products.      
  Evaluation  Most of the students were very curious and very enthusiastic. In particular, we saw that some students are very sensitive about the environment and plastic use. In the discussion groups, they were very eager to talk about their own topics and to share the new information they learned with their friends.
  Pictures from Activity 

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